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Agreements and partnerships with genealogical information providers

Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada and YourFolks.com have entered into a partnership to make the Gravelle File available online. It contains more than 54,000 records compiled by Arthur Gravelle and his son, father Joseph E. Gravelle, containing information from parish registers, census data, published reports and personal letters, mainly from the Outaouais region and eastern Ontario. They will eventually be posted by Library and Archives Canada and YourFolks.com.

Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec

Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec (BAnQ) is in charge of all the archives for the province of Quebec. It has selected YourFolks.com as a partner.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) partners with BAnQ to oversee the evolution of this project which is also supported by the Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists (CPTA) of Canada.

Eastern Townships Genealogical Society

YourFolks.com has a partnership with the Eastern Townships Genealogical Society (SGCE) to incorporate the Connolly file into its database.

That file has been built during many years by the SGCE. It contains around 2 millions marriages. The ones listed in the SGCE publications are included in that file, as well as a lot of other marriages celebrated elsewhere in Quebec.

YourFolks.com' members will not only count on those records; they will also get records that will being added to the Connolly file in the years ahead.

YourFolks.com is proud to have the Eastern Townships Genealogical Society as a partner and wants to thank it for its outstanding contribution to Quebec genealogy.

La Prairie-de-la-Magdeleine Historical Society

YourFolks.com has a partnership with the La Prairie-de-la-Madeleine Historical Society (SHLM) to incorporate into its database the baptisms, marriages and burials of Nativité de La Prairie.

YourFolks.com wants to thank that Society for allowing our members to have access to tens of thousands of new records.

St-Eustache Genealogy Society

YourFolks.com has another partnership with the St-Eustache Genealogy Society (SGSE) to add the baptisms, marriages and burials of St-Eustache, St-Placide and St-Benoît of Mirabel.

YourFolks.com wants to thank the SGSE for allowing us to add tens of thousands of new records to our database.

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