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YourFolks.com is a genealogy Website created in Quebec, Canada. It provides its 1 000 000 members many exclusive services, of which some are free. Both experienced researchers and beginners can easily use it. Those who have little time to spend on their genealogy love it because they can, build their family tree in a few clicks.

For 10 years now, YourFolks.com is growing up, relying on the trust of its members. Every year, new features are developed, carefully matched with the needs expressed by our customers.

YourFolks.com’s mission is to provide its members with simplified tools and professional quality products, using reliable and exclusive services. YourFolks.com is renowned for the quality of its data and a customer service that is courteous, prompt and professional.

YourFolks.com is a whole team working with you!

Part of the team

YourFolks.com’s first partner was the Eastern Townships Genealogical Society, one of the largest in the province of genealogical societies in Quebec. Other partners joined us later: Quebec national Library and Archives, Library and Archives Canada, several other genealogical societies, and, most recently, the Quebec city Library. Moreover, YourFolks.com is recommended by the prestigious New England Historic Genealogical Society, the oldest genealogical society on the continent, founded in 1845.

The site provides users with a unique database, gathering genealogical data on the parishes of Quebec from their founding until late in the twentieth century. Parts of Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Alberta are also covered. The data comes from reliable sources. Our quality control process allows us to eliminate duplication and inconsistencies, correct errors, and to build integrated family records.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer within 24 to 48 hour.

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